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From a foundation in executive journalism, PR Deadlines has evolved over two decades into a world class PR agency servicing information technology, business and financial services clients. We are infotech PR pioneers in Australia and New Zealand.

Driven by our chief’s 15 years in journalism across three continents, we are highly regarded by journalists, publishers and research companies. We achieve stellar results by balancing the needs of clients and media people.

Recently the highly respected Forrester Research company announced PR Deadlines as one of the world’s leading channel focused PR agencies.

Earlier, Sean Mitchell, entrepreneurial chief of the expanding Techday empire, told us: “PR Deadlines is one of the best in the business, consummate professionals and a preferred partner of ours.”

Andrew Matler, Editor-in-Chief of IT Wire, says:  “Congratulations to PR Deadlines, they are the most active and responsive of the PR firms that we deal with. They leverage our interviews, video interviews, editorial, promotional news and webinar promotion. Most importantly they are highly professional and fun to deal with.”

We tell clients and prospects we are world class. The results we achieve reflect all this.

ANZ, Asia… and the World

From our Sydney headquarters, PR Deadlines covers Australia, New Zealand – and Asia from bases in Singapore, Beijing and Tokyo. As a member of the GlobalCom international network, we can share client campaigns with 80 or so partner agencies in 100-plus countries.

Our long-standing informal relationship with the Silicon Valley-based Hoffman Agency ensures close ties with more partners in the US, Europe and Asia, including China. A similar arrangement with Finn Partners extends our global coverage, especially in Asia.

We also share clients with London-based TouchdownPR.  

So when you need to raise your business’s profile, give us a call.  We can create a flexible plan that suits your needs, whatever these might be.


A key measure of success is client loyalty.  We have enjoyed a productive 17 years with one client.  Two more clients have been with us for eight and 10 years.  Three more are five year-plus friends. Read more.


Clear, compelling messaging is the essence of good communication. Our high-impact style is aimed at catching attention. Short, sharp messaging in text, sound and visuals is key to our success. Media love it: clients love the results. Read more.

The Team

At PR Deadlines we work closely with clients’ teams, locally and/or globally. We interact with clients perceptively and proactively. Our management duo, David Frost and Luke Frost, spearhead a close-knit, enthusiastic team. Read more.

Congrats on being named one of the top channel focused PR agencies in the world.  Thanks and great work!

Jay McBain, Principal Analyst, Forrester Research

Having faced the challenge of running worldwide Marketing organizations for many years, I depend upon the services, support and commitment of agencies and companies around the globe. PR Deadlines has been one of the most treasured and respected agencies I have had the pleasure to work with – always focused on the client, creative and knowledgeable, and as committed and focused as the best employee

Paul Hooper, CEO Gigamon

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Discover how we can work with you to drive more customers to your products and services.

We can create and issue a single news release, or offer a cost-effective monthly retainer.

With our deep knowledge of the media, we can give you an accurate and honest assessment of a likely media response. Unusually, if not uniquely, we like to under-promise possible results.

Opening Hours

Nine to five?  Never!

It would be nice to work those hours, but our policy of making ourselves available for urgent matters and rapid response with clients throughout Asia, North America and Europe precludes this.  We make ourselves available as and when we’re needed. 

That said, we have received 2am calls from people in Europe asking ‘Is it night there?’ 

We have tried to give a civil response!


Although most clients put media exposure as their #1 priority, PR Deadlines is a full service agency covering the entire communications spectrum. We are also adept at social media, copy writing, video creation, speech writing, white papers and much more.

We offer exceptional value and achieve pleasing results.


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Sydney,  Australia