Secret of our success

Clear, compelling messaging is the essence of good communication, yet we find that far too many PR agencies fall short in this endeavour.

Contrast our high-impact style aimed at catching someone’s attention. We feel that short, sharp messaging in text, sound and visuals is key to our success, as it underpins everything we do.

We like to craft all our messaging in clear and concise language, across the entire communications spectrum: news releases, features, blogs, videos, speeches, pitches, direct mail, proposals, ads, everything.

It’s a style derived from our founder’s long career in international journalism. We rely on it when unravelling the complexities of our clients’ technology and presenting facts and figures to target audiences with a clarity that compels attention.

It works for us. We know it will work for you.

Why the media love us

We are deeply grateful to Techday chief Sean Mitchell for his unsolicited recommendation. He recognises and commends our focus on giving journalists the quality writing and service they need. At least two more publishers recommend us too, as do key journalists.

The results delight our clients.

Think, think, think

As smart communicators, our core expertise can be focused laser-like across all points of the compass. Add to this a little creativity.  So PR Deadlines’ mix of expertise in journalism, creative thinking, street smarts, high impact copy-writing, eye-catching visuals, efficient production and targeted distribution covers the entire communications spectrum. Our mastery of traditional and electronic communications tactics ensures that clients’ key messages reach precisely targeted audiences with maximum impact.

Although a main focus is media relations, our approach covers all the areas below. Plus any more areas that clients might possibly need to target!


Analyst relations

Annual reports



Digital marketing


Issues management

Marketing collateral

Marketing plans




Social media


Speaking engagements




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