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196 BC to 2021and beyond: a data storage odyssey

Some would argue that cave painting was the earliest form of data storage, although the messaging was hardly transportable.  A better candidate emerged when early civilisations set out their ideas on stone tablets, a write-read situation.  The Rosetta Stone can be considered the planet’s first key to data decryption for allowing us to read EgyptianContinue reading “196 BC to 2021and beyond: a data storage odyssey”

We think outside the box

Carbon Black’s APAC chief asked us to maximise publicity on South Korea’s Special Prosecutor’s use of CB Protection for a high profile, politically explosive trial. Aware of our deep media knowledge, he gave this project to us rather than one of his agencies closer to Korea. Objective: maximise global publicity. Strategy: we chose the WallContinue reading “We think outside the box”

Why IT vendors really need cost effective PR

In recent years our Sydney-based PR agency has lost long term technology clients’ business even though we were achieving excellent results. Why? Simply because someone at head office, 12,000km distant, chose to run with a multinational agency. Their decisions overruled the preferences of clients’ Australian executives and their regional teams. Subsequently our former contacts (still friends) told us theirContinue reading “Why IT vendors really need cost effective PR”

World Class! Why we rate so highly in the PR game

Last week, my deluge of overnight emails included one that looked suspicious.  I came very close to deleting it. It appeared to come from the IT industry’s respected Forrester Research, proposing the ridiculous idea that our agency was among the best in the world!  I took a second look, then a third. PR Deadlines had indeed beenContinue reading “World Class! Why we rate so highly in the PR game”

Yes or No … The media have 10 seconds to decide

Many of today’s technology and business writers are time-poor. Recently we took an informal survey, asking key journalists how long it took them, on receiving a PR story or pitch, to decide whether to publish. The answers averaged, wait for it… between five and 10 seconds! As an executive journalist on the Australian Financial ReviewContinue reading “Yes or No … The media have 10 seconds to decide”

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