Gone are the days of user vicious technology

By David Frost, CEO, PR Deadlines In bygone days, information technology could be user vicious. Picture this: on The Australian, newspaper I spend four hours designing and editing a broadsheet-sized page. Then I press a wrong key and see screen after screen vanishing, never to return. There is no backup! In those days, newspaper techContinue reading “Gone are the days of user vicious technology”

196 BC to 2021and beyond: a data storage odyssey

Some would argue that cave painting was the earliest form of data storage, although the messaging was hardly transportable.  A better candidate emerged when early civilisations set out their ideas on stone tablets, a write-read situation.  The Rosetta Stone can be considered the planet’s first key to data decryption for allowing us to read EgyptianContinue reading “196 BC to 2021and beyond: a data storage odyssey”